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How It Works

Using a scan, you can learn more about your glucose levels.

  • Test your glucose levels with a simple scan1 anywhere.
  • Anytime you need to with your 247CGM Libre 2 or 247CGM Libre 14-day system.
  • You'll see this when you scan your sensor:
How It Works

CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) monitors glucose in the interstitial fluid, not blood glucose.

The interstitial fluid, a small layer of fluid that surrounds the tissue cells beneath your skin, is used to acquire CGM sensor data. Glucose enters your bloodstream before it is absorbed into the interstitial fluid as carbs are digested. This is why a blood glucose test may give you a different result than an interstitial fluid scan. Sensor measurements eventually catch up to blood glucose readings, providing you with a more comprehensive view of your levels rather than just a snapshot in time.